Happy Mother’s Day!

In the vast, scary expanse of life, you showed me the meadows,
Always by my side, even where the path narrows,
when life gave me weeds, you switched them with flowers,
against all stinging bees, your love towers,
when the rose thorns pricked me your embrace was like a balm,
stormy winds shook the daffodils, but in your presence there’s eternal calm,
my companion in joy and pain, you promised forever,
In rain and sunshine we danced together,
Blossoming in the sweet garden you grew for me,
Are my flowers of gratitude for eternity…

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom…
And to all the fabulous mother’s in the world who make it possible for us to laugh and breathe every day…
Thank You always…

Text & Image © Aditi chengappa 2013



floating light

For somewhere unbeknownst to you,
In your light, is someone’s glow,
So when you feel you have nothing to give or show,
Know that even in your darkest night, your light is guiding someone’s path anew..

Whether i know you or not, each one of you makes a difference to my life..you are all special and important.

Image and text © aditi chengappa 2013

Nek Chand: a self taught artist and visionary

In 1951, whilst being a Road Inspector in the beautiful Garden city- Chandigarh, Nek Chand began collecting scraps from demolition sites, which he would use later to make his dreams come alive in the now famous Rock Garden in Chandigarh.  … Continue reading

The only religion i follow is Love

Roses and marigolds offered in different beliefs,
But fate has it, the same green inks their leaves,
Born of a different race, a religion,
But to all their color, their fragrance is one…

 images and text © aditi chengappa