Lanterns floatingSecretly, ever so delicately, they float silently in secret skies above,
Dreams, oh so many sacred yearnings for love,
A galaxy of lonesome stars calling your name,
Where do you dwell, where does your light reside, you and me, are we the same?

text and picture copyright Aditi Chengappa 2015


floating light

For somewhere unbeknownst to you,
In your light, is someone’s glow,
So when you feel you have nothing to give or show,
Know that even in your darkest night, your light is guiding someone’s path anew..

Whether i know you or not, each one of you makes a difference to my are all special and important.

Image and text © aditi chengappa 2013

Festival of Colors


Color me purple, color me pink!
Color me now before i can think,
oh! for if it were only black and white,
in this grey i’d feel no delight…

wishing everyone a very Happy Holi  !!!

image and text © aditi chengappa 2013